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Is something bothering you in your home? It may be a flea infestation. Flea issues can make your living uncomfortable. In this case, you can appoint Pest Control Brassall for all types of flea controls. Our flea control Brassall team can destroy and remove fleas present in your residence and also detect the real reason for their nesting. 

Additionally, we offer pre-inspection before implementing any flea treatment for houses. We have a special team of qualified and experienced flea exterminators who can give you the best results. You can enjoy the exceptional and positive results after our first visit, as we have all abilities to fight all sorts of flea issues. To get your place and pets treated for fleas by natural methods, reach out to us today. So, ring us now and reserve your slot

What we do to make your pet and house flea free

We offer a range of treatments, including flea treatment for home, carpet flea treatment, dogs and cat flea treatments, etc. And all of our services are done by following a standard step by step process. Check below: 

  • Inspection of the area: When you confirm a booking with us, we primarily come and inspect your place for fleas. During the inspection, we analyse the flea nestings, their signs and damages.
  • Remove the cause of infestation: Secondly, we remove the flea nesting cause completely. It may be due to unhygienic surroundings. For instance, if any of your items are heavily infested with or damaged by fleas, we ask and remove them. 
  • Control & Remove Fleas: Most fleas reside on your pet’s skin. In such a case, we use safe sprays for flea treatment puppies. In general, also, all of our spraying for fleas steps are done using eco-friendly solutions.
  • Dead Flea pest removal: Our service not only ends with extermination, but we also provide dead flea pest removal. We always ensure your property is cleaned and free from any dropping, eggs or dead fleas. 

If you like our comprehensive flea pest management approach, you can call us to deal with your pest issue quickly. In addition to this, our flea pest control services are flexible. We supply flea treatments as per your place, the severity of the issue and your budget. 

Main Flea Control Methods

There are mainly two flea control methods:

  1. Chemical Treatment: It includes the use of residual pest control solution that carries pesticides as its major ingredient. These pesticides are sprayed or fogged that diversifies the product in the area. Moreover, this spray lasts for a few weeks and eliminates the flea issue. 
  2. Heat treatment: Treating fleas using heat is a non-toxic and mess-free way to resolve flea problems. We supply heat of about fifty degrees Celsius for a certain amount of time. This helps in killing eggs and adult fleas, without using any pesticide. 

We serve all properties and premises In Brassall

Are you struggling with bites, itching sores and welts? Do you suspect a flea problem in your residence? If so, you can count on us for flea control Brassall service. Our professionals can locate, control and remove fleas easily from your property. We are serving our exclusive flea pest control services to all residential and commercial properties of Brassall. Whether your flea issue is on a small or large scale, we have all means to handle it effectively. 

Here is a list of locations of Brassall where we offer our rapid flea pest control support: 

  • Hotels, Guest Houses and Home Stays
  • Houses, residential societies and apartments 
  • Commercial spaces- offices, complexes, malls, stores
  • Clinics, hospitals and child health care facilities 
  • Educational points- schools, colleges and universities

Reasons for hiring us for Flea Control In Brassall

If you are having any flea problems, give us a call. We are one of the most called names for flea treatments in Brassall. With over years of experience, we aim to deliver the best quality services to clients every time they call us.

Have a look at the benefits you can receive on choosing us for flea pest controls: 

  • Experience: We have served flea controls to countless issues in houses and workspaces across Brassall & we know the best methods to get rid of your problem- fast. 
  • Treatment Options: We know different kinds of flea species & the right ways to get rid of them. So, you are free to choose from so many options as per your needs. 
  • Pocket-friendly: All of our fleas control services are pocket-friendly. Moreover, we do not ask for any hidden or additional fees from you. Call us for transparent service! 
  • Same Day Service: We make sure to offer quick support for flea pest control service. Our bookings are active 24 by 7 and make sure to deliver same day flea control service. 
  • Local: Our company is locally based and operated in Brassall. Moreover, our exterminators are well aware of all Brassall flea species, their behaviour and ways to tackle them easily.


Q. How long do you have to stay out of the room post flea treatment? 

Stay out of the flea treated room for about 3 to 5 hours. By this time, the insecticide is drying. Moreover, after entering the room, you have to ventilate the room thoroughly. For this, you can open all the windows and doors, turn on the fan and so on. 

Q. Is it okay to vacuum after spraying for fleas? 

Yes, you can vacuum after the treatment is over. It will help you to remove all the left out traces of fleas. Moreover, by vacuuming after spraying for fleas you can easily remove cocoons and eggs. 

Q. Can fleas live on your bedding? 

Usually, fleas do not infest in human bedding or beds. However, if you do not change or wash your bedding for a longer time, it is possible to have flea nestings on it. So, the better option is to keep every item of your place clean and sprayed for pests.