Know The Termite Species That May Be Living In Your Spaces

Did you realize that there are 45 types of termites? Termites cause irreversible and massive damage to your home. Our today’s post will assist you with distinguishing between the termite species relying upon age and structure. According to the Pest Control experts, each species falls into three classes: damp desert wood, dry wood, and subterranean. In addition, most termites have a unique function or biology that affects where they cause damages, make nests, and live.

The Top Three Termite Species!

Our blog post comprises details of three termite species that significantly affect households. You can refer to the listing below:


These termites are dangerous critters. They reproduce quickly to upwards of 2,000,000 when they group in spring. Such pests are generally earthy in color and have ¼-½ inch long wings. These can build passages that appear as mud tubes for protection and food storage purposes. Subterranean termites use sharp jaws to eat furniture and wooden items the entire day. You can prevent these termites from coming into your home by redirecting the water supply with running drains.

Dry Wood:

The termites which feed on dry woods have survived and evolved for many decades. These infest and feed on wooden structures and homes. They generally live under rotten wooden buildings. Therefore, the exterminators often find them while repairing infested homes. You can undoubtedly distinguish this termite from the fecal pellets. The Pest Control Brassall encourages you to leave the infestation and inspection to experienced exterminators.

Damp Wood:

Such termites reproduce and live in high moisture, humid, and cool areas. These are 25mm elongated and winged. They generally live in the drain and roof pipes of your building. Damp wood termites never make mud tubes. Instead, these fill the passages with feces. Solely the experts can recognize termites as the pervaded space will be profoundly fungal-prone and moist. Therefore, a bait works to eradicate termites effectively.

Get Your Home And Furniture Tested For Termites!

It is important to get your home and furniture tested because termite infestation is a big problem. Getting treated to this problem on time will help you safeguard your home interior and exterior. If neglected, these unwanted guests can damage the entire structure of your building.

Most professional exterminations propose you call a service provider or a local contractor on the initial indications of pest infestations. Besides, many companies have trained, insured, bonded exterminators to investigate your home thoroughly, searching for termite infestations. Moreover, the professionals give you pest control plans and direction, helping you protect the house from termites. So, once you realize the problem of termite infestation, take professional assistance at once.