How To Get Rid Of Mouse: Easy Tips For Homeowners

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Mouse, rats, and rodents are pests, can be very naughty and smart creatures. They catch your attention when they suddenly start running into your house. This little creature destroys the stored cereals and grains and carries icky diseases. Sometimes they ruined your clothes, shoes, and frighten you the most and you want to get rid of this unwelcome guest.  According to pest control Brassall professionals, if no action is taken on time it can breed rapidly and grow to 10 times mice in only 90 days! Here are tips to get mice out of your house.

Find Entry Point                                                                 

Simply putting traps at random places will not work. Instead, do some search and figure out where these little creatures are coming from. Where they are living in your home because rats can fit through even 6mm opening then set your traps to catch them.


Rat traps help to catch the mouse but this is effective when they are small in numbers. Placing traps at the right location such as the entry of the doors, in dark corners is also necessary. Catching them will not kill them so it is best you leave them 2kms away from your home so that they will not return.

Two Types Of Traps Available

  1. Snap traps- wooden or plastic mouse size traps and Tin and Ketch-All for multiple traps
  2. Electrical traps- operated on battery and expensive but effective in commercial space and affordable pest control services.

Cat In Your Home

The presence of cats in your home and their chasing behavior will significantly reduce mouse activity in your home. If you have a cat in your home then they may help you. Mice afraid of cats and if mice smell cat urine, they are likely to leave the area to avoid the predator.

Glue Boards:

It is sticking pads where mice stick if they climb on it. place it near the entry or exit points and once mouse stick throw pad along with rat. 


These are rat poisons mix with their food such as cheese or bread. Some poisons are made with natural ingredients and some require multiple doses. Once mice eat this, they die in several days or immediately depending on the type you choose.

Pest Control Service

Pest control Brassall experts are highly trained and help you to get rid of not only mice but all kinds of pests in your home. They examine your problem and gives the solution that is safe for everyone in the home and prevents them from coming again.

Protecting your home from unwanted pests is essential. Mouse, rats, rodents can cause damage to your property and poses a health risk to your family. No matter what season but it is important to keep them away. If you need professional pest control service, ask for friends and neighbors or call and get help from them.